8 Most Popular Google Doodle Games

8 Most Popular Google Doodle Games


 The concept of the game is obviously to throw the ball through the net. You can use the Space bar or mouse button to tweak the pressure level and accurately throw the ball. You should score as many balls as possible in 24 seconds.

Doodle Cricket

Cricket is a Google Doodle game where you play cricket as a cricket. The game is simple and all you have to do is click on the bat button to score runs. However, it can be a little addictive. 

Garden Gnomes

In Garden Gnomes, you’re given the control of a catapult. You can press the space bar or click to start and launch clay gnomes as far as possible in the garden. The farther your gnome reaches, the more flowers you plant in the garden. You also get additional points for traveling more distance.

Released in 1980, popular maze arcade game Pac-Man holds a special place in the hearts of Generation X and millennials.  introduce the game to your children, you can do it right from Google Doodle games. To play the game, click the link below and click on the ‘Insert Coin’ button.


Rubik’s Cube

 Google’s Rubik’s cube doodle has got you covered. You can use the interactive version to solve Rubik’s Cube right from your web browser using a mouse or keyboard.  – F – Front – B – Back – U – Up – D – Down – L – Left – R – Right

Coding for Carrots

 This game is downright for students inquisitive about coding. the sport was free to celebrate the fifty years of kids’ coding. you’ve got to form the rabbit move the proper blocks & collect carrots. This game can embody all the fundamentals of coding & supported code What You See Is What You Get.

Champion Island Games

The popular google doodle game impressed. By Tokyo, Olympics was launched by Google on July 23rd, 2021. And designed by a Japan-based animation company. Which is known as STUDIO4°C.


The Rockmore game has been designed to honor the life of Clara Rockmore. Who created music from thin air. It’s an excellent game for those inquisitive about music.

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